Frequently Asked Questions

What is FILABOX?

Filabox is a monthly subscription box for 3D printer filament. Every month we automatically ship you a box with 3D filaments based on your subscription package. Purchasing filament through a Filabox subscription gives you one of the lowest prices per spool compared to other online retailers.

What's included in the Filabox?

You will receive filament spools based on your selection of material and size (See below) combinations at time of purchase. We also may sometimes include extra goodies such as STL files, stickers, snack, discount codes and more. We give you the flexibility of changing your subscription options at anytime.

Material variant options:

PLA = Easy to print, non-toxic and food safe.

PETG = Tough and heat resistant. Non-toxic and food safe.

Size variant options:

1 KG SPOOL = 1 KG of filament on our standard cardboard spool. Ready to use.

0.5 KG COIL = This is a 0.5kg filament coil without a spool. To use this coil you will need to 3D print our mini spool which can be downloaded for free from the links below. The spool is only 148mm in diameter and can easily fit even small 3D printers. - CLICK HERE - CLICK HERE

Instruction on how to use the spool can be seen on this video:

COLOURS... Can I choose the colours I want in the unique colour subscription?

In short, no... We're always playing with colours and no two spool are alike. The colours you will receive can include rainbow/gradient, glitter, silk/satin, marble etc. We strive to include only the more unique and non basic colours in this subscription package. This means that each filament batch is produced specifically for Filabox and the colour combinations used are usually one of a kind and cannot be replicated or purchased anywhere else. Many spools will show a colour transition (rainbow/gradient) between 2 or more colours while others will be more solid but yet unique/non-standard colours.

When is the box shipped?

Filaboxes are shipped approximately 3-5 days following your monthly subscription charge/anniversary date.

Can I modify my subscription?

Yes. After you join Filabox for the first time, you will receive a "Subscription Management Link" in your email which you can use to access your membership account (Please save the email for future reference). When you access your online account you will be able to modify and reconfigure many of your subscription options including changing/adding subscription packages, skipping/rescheduling a delivery, changing your shipping address, cancelling and more. The changes will take effect on your next shipment.

Where is the box shipped from?

Filaboxes are shipped from our warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Where do you ship to?

Filaboxes are currently shipped to Canada and USA (48 contiguous states) only. Shipping Filaboxes to other countries is possible with additional shipping charges. Please contact us for details.

What about shipping charges?

Filabox prices exclude shipping. Shipping and taxes are calculated automatically on the checkout page based on your chosen subscription configuration.

When will I be charged?

The monthly anniversary of your subscription will be on same day of the month as when you initially subscribed unless you have changed it through your online account.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. you may cancel anytime directly from your online account.

What brand of filament is the Filabox made up of?

Filaboxes are comprised of Canadian made "" brand filament.

Filabox operated by Canada